I’ve always fancied myself to be pretty decent at mental math. When I’m on the trail, I apply 100 percent of these abilities to two problems: How much longer do I have to do this and how many Ice Creams can I have later?

For the former, I’ve become quite adept at converting times into percentages. In this first phase of the marathon training plan, you’re only supposed to run for a specific amount of time — 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, whatever. Since units of time are based on multiples of 60, it’s a bit of work to figure out what percentage you’ve completed. 

The great thing about this training—and probably the main reason I’m sticking with it—is the Calories counter on my Garmin watch. It’s really fantastic. You put in your weight and it tells you how much energy you’ve used. I cannot understate its importance as a motivator.

Now, the average Magnum Ice Cream is 240 calories (that’s for the classic magnum—vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate exterior.) So, I think I’ll help myself to 11 of them an still be a little bit in the black. 

Why I’m Running:

I want to raise enough money to sponsor two promising African ladies: Elaine and Mandisa.  It costs $80 so sponsor Mandisa for one month of Imagine Scholar costs — this amount pays for her transport, healthy food in class, school supplies, and many other things. For Elaine, it’s $78. Lump those two together and you get $156/month. Multiply that out my 12 months and you get a very achievable fundraising goal: $1,896. Please donate at my Crowdrise page here:


Weekly Statistics:  

Miles run: 17.58 (50.76 total)

Average speed this week: 5.8 MPH 

Calories burned: 2,702 (7,775 total)