While running in the countryside is my preference, on certain occasions I do have a jog through the area and it’s always a memorable experience. Last Sunday’s jog was no different.

Fridays are for long runs, Saturday’s a rest day (we have class all day), so Sunday’s the day I usually do my recovery run. It was really warm that day so even when I departed around sunset, it was still quite nice.

I started up the dirt road to the main paved road (or the “tar road” as they’re called down here) and took a right. About this time I heard something behind me. I turned my head and saw three of the local kids booking to catch up with me.

They caught up to me about .5 miles in. I’d estimate they were each about 8 years old and I usually see them playing with tires around the neighborhood. But today, they wanted to run. So what the locals saw was: a random white person running through the village, trailed by three kids. What a sight it must have been!

All three of them kept up for the entire four mile run with no problems, even though they didn’t have shoes. I gave ‘em each a high five and went home. Fun run.

Why I’m Running:

I want to raise enough money to sponsor two promising African ladies: Elaine and Mandisa.  It costs $80 so sponsor Mandisa for one month of Imagine Scholar costs — this amount pays for her transport, healthy food in class, school supplies, and many other things. For Elaine, it’s $78. Lump those two together and you get $156/month. Multiply that out my 12 months and you get a very achievable fundraising goal: $1,896. Please donate at my Crowdrise page here:


Weekly Statistics:

Miles run: 23.24 (143.34 total)

Average speed this week: 5.7 MPH

Calories burned: 2,467 (20,428 total)

Here’s a photo with some of our students at a recent field trip