Race day is less than two months away, and the training runs have ratcheted up accordingly. Yesterday’s 15-mile training run was the farthest I’ve ever traveled on these two feet, an accomplishment I am proud of. I took a similar route as last week — starting in Cap Hill, north to the water and over Montlake Bridge, behind UW along the water, and up to Magnuson Park. On the way back, I followed the Burke-Gilman trail until I reached 15 miles near the bottom of Cap Hill, and then walked home (actually, to the nearest teriyaki shop.)

Midweek training runs have gone well, too. I have been doing some speed work and have found a nice track on the Seattle U Campus which I’ve made my ow. It’s a bouncy surface, nearly brand-new and surrounding a FieldTurf field. It’s a nice little urban oasis from the stop-and-go running one gets with all the city’s traffic lights.


Aerial View of Seattle’s Magnuson Park

Why I’m Running:

I want to raise enough money to sponsor two promising African ladies: Elaine and Mandisa.  It costs $80 so sponsor Mandisa for one month of Imagine Scholar costs — this amount pays for her transport, healthy food in class, school supplies, and many other things. For Elaine, it’s $78. Lump those two together and you get $156/month. Multiply that out my 12 months and you get a very achievable fundraising goal: $1,896. Please donate at my Crowdrise page here:


Weekly Statistics:

Miles run: 41.88 (235.68 total)

Average speed this week: 5.6 MPH (decent)

Calories burned: 6,308 (34,120 total)