I thought we were pretty zany when we wore hairy coo hats to finish the Edinburgh Half-Marathon, but that doesn’t hold a candle to Maryland’s Keith Levasseur. This tyrannosaur of man finished the Baltimore Marathon in 2:46:58, an astonishing time regardless of the footwear. He explains:

“I had every intention of sticking to the race plan of finishing a little under 3:00, so my initial pace starting out was 6:40-6:50 [per mile],” Levasseur told Runner’s World Newswire. “After a few miles, I decided I go with whatever pace I could comfortably run, even if it was faster than my target pace. I know there are some decent hills later in the race and I didn’t know how I would be doing from a time perspective at that point, so I gave myself some wiggle room by letting go on the downhills and cruising in the low 6:00’s.”

yes, this man is running a marathon in  flip flops (photo: news.runnersworld.com)

Upon hearing the news, noted marathon exaggerator Paul Ryan responded with his own challenge:

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