I had the good fortune to meet Mandisa, a very amazing teenager from South Africa’s underserved Nkomazi region. She’s a gifted writer for a ninth grader; here is her latest work. If  you enjoyed it as much as I did, please consider donating to my Crowdrise fundraiser. -Andrew

By Mandisa Ngwenya

Poetry is a powerless skeleton
which is powerful when life is given to it
Poetry is like a book hat everyone
opens and it will tell a magnificent story

Poetry is like a friend to me and you
A friend who allows the world to know
how we feel and how we view the worldPoetry is a like a flowing river
which passes from generation to generation
Poetry was once told by my great ancestors,
it is now told by me, and it would be told by my sons and daughters.

Poetry is a heaven which is full of Angels
Poetry is like a singing bird which
sings all night long and every creature
is longing to hear that sweet sound

Poetry is as powerful as a spear
which wins every battle.

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