The New York Marathon’s decision to go ahead with Sunday’s race as planned has raised a few eyebrows — and now the ire of a number of groups.

Staten Island’s borough President James Molinaro has perhaps been the most outspoken critic of the decision while attempting to coordinate aid in his borough, the hardest-hit by Hurricane Sandy. Staten Island Advance has the story of Mr. Molinaro calling on organizers to cancel the race, and his voice has later amplified by a similar proclamation from Manhattan counterpart Scott M. Stringer. (Also, Molinaro blasted the American Red Cross, calling their efforts “an absolute disgrace” according to Business Week.)

Even the marathon runners themselves are coming out against the decision. Gothamist is reporting that a group of runners are planning to ditch the race and spend the day volunteering on Staten Island instead. Additionally, Facebook groups have been springing up independently of one another with similar plans. (h/t to Elaine Corets for bringing the Gothamist post to my attention.) To summarize, it looks as though it’s nearly universal opposition for the race to continue.

Finally, the New York Times stepped in it a bit with this ill-timed feature on “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.” An interesting and well-reported feature, no doubt, but considering the outcry over the race a feature on photographs feels trite and uncaring. At least to me.