I think I know what I’m going to wear on race day.

As many of you know, selection of the race day outcome is a crucial component to a successful marathon. I used this week’s 20-mile run as a test-drive and came out quite pleased with my sartorial choices.

I’ll be wearing a cold-weather, black underlayer with a green windbreak up top. Down below, I’ve picked out a nice pair of black running short that don’t bunch up and remain dry, but also manage to keep my legs warm.

I flirted with the idea of wearing running tights as well, but in the end I’ve decided against it unless the weather forecast is below 40 degrees. At that point, I may reconsider.

The Aurora Bridge from the houseboats on Lake Union

Why I’m Running:

I want to raise enough money to sponsor two promising African ladies: Elaine and Mandisa.  It costs $80 so sponsor Mandisa for one month of Imagine Scholar costs — this amount pays for her transport, healthy food in class, school supplies, and many other things. For Elaine, it’s $78. Lump those two together and you get $156/month. Multiply that out my 12 months and you get a very achievable fundraising goal: $1,896. Please donate at my Crowdrise page here:


Weekly Statistics:

Miles run: 22.05 (350.14 total)

Average speed this week: 6.0 MPH (v. good for me)

Calories burned: 3,346 (51,310 total)