This is how it starts.

This week, a strange series of ‘what-ifs’ has been bubbling up inside of me. What if I ran the race differently — got out of the gate faster? What if I changed my training schedule? What if I ran with a group? Could I do better than I did?

I have been trying to bury this feeling with beer and cheeseburgers, but to no avail. Sooo…we’ll see how this goes. But I may have to do another one.

One thing I did enjoy about marathon training (it’s really more about the training then the actual race) is how I’ve been feeling recently. I didn’t drink any alcohol in the month of November. I stuck with non-processed foods as much as possible. I stuck to a pretty regimented schedule.

The results weren’t immediate, but they were positive. I had more energy. I had less back pain. My pants fit differently. I recovered quickly from race day and wasn’t all that sore. I liked all of those things.

Now, whether I like those things more than chicken wings remains to be seen.

Post-race fan club

Post-race fan club